September 2012

Christine A. Tarantino - Hjuler BROTKATZE collaborations on exhibit at FzKKe Gallery, Germany, Sept. 1 - 30, 2012.

With the Blood of a Daylily - Poems & Drawings by the Homeless Poet by Christine A. Tarantino, published by Words of Light:

THESE HANDS PRAY FOR GERONIMO, a visual poem of American Indians, by Christine A. Tarantino, published by Words of Light:

Christine A. Tarantino's ECDYSIS, snake skin artist book exhibited with 99 other book artists in Italy, curated by Maddalena Castegnaro.

Christine A. Tarantino, Sign and Language Group Exhibit, Open Stal, The Netherlands.

Christine A. Tarantino series of 40,"Being Human"
published by Redfoxpress, Assembling Box #20,

RED LIPS - What is Your Version for Me? by Christine Tarantino is published by Words of Light now available in print or eBook formats. New version includes ALL 42 artists from 13 countries plus additional text and images by Christine Tarantino.

August internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO
features artist STEVE RANDOM.

WORDS OF LIGHT BOOKS, Art Publications By
Contemporary Artists, new blog offering various format books
published by Christine A. Tarantino.

Christine A. Tarantino/Words of Light publishes THE
by Walter Festuccia.

Christine Tarantino, "Instant Person 1 & 2", self-portraits with Polaroid Camera for POLAROID MADNESS, project of Franticham, Ireland. On-line exhibit and exhibition Kassel, Germany during the DOCUMENTA 2012. "INSTANT PEOPLE"250 polaroid self-portraits by 175 artists from 22 countries.11.– 23. Juli 2012 Zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung am Mittwoch, dem 11. Juli 2012 ab 19 Uhr möchten wir Sie und Ihre Freunde herzlich in denKasseler KunstvereinWerner-Hilpert-Straße 2334117 Kassel, einladen.

Christine A. TARANTINO, "Ecdysis" artist book exhibited at Villa Excelsa, Sannicola, Italia. Curator, Maddalena Castegnaro
Opening night:

July internet art exhibit @ Christine Tarantino Collection features Anna Banana, Darlene Altschul, & John Mountain.

"THESE HANDS" call for entries, newest project from Christine TARANTINO.

June internet art exhibit @ Christine Tarantino Collection features Antoni Miró.

"Fear No NewNew Art" artist book published by Redfoxpress, Assembling Box #19, Ireland.

"E-mail Between the Artist & Her Lover" artist book exhibited Villa Giulia, Italia. Curator Marisa Cortese.

"WHO AM I?" artist book exhibited Mostra Internazionale, Italia. Curator Virginia Milici.

"RED LIPS of Christine Tarantino", art booklet by Bruno Chiarlone published in Italy.

May internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artist RYOSUKE COHEN.

Christine TARANTINO, "RED LIPS FOR DALAI LAMA" exhibition @ INviso, Padiglione TIBET, AssociazioneSal Viana frazione Saliana Pianello del Lario (CO)curated by Ruggero Maggi.

April internet art exhibit @ CHRISTINE TARANTINO COLLECTION features artists Daniel C. Boyer and Richard Canard.

Christine Tarantino, "NEWNEW ART Mono-Prints"
published in"Franticham's Fluxus Assembling Box Nr 18",
Redfoxpress, IRELAND.

DODODADIANI featured this month
in internet art exhibit at Christine Tarantino Collection. Dododadiani
internet art exhibit

RED LIPS Project: What is your
version for me? Send or RED LIPS, Box
121, Wendell, MA 01379 USA
"Sometimes I need red apple. Sometimes I need
redlips."-- Nam June Paik
Your RED LIPS art modification will yield
online documentation, maileddocumentation, and potential publication. Please
include a mailing address withyour submission.

Christine Tarantino, "Better Together: Harmony; Radiance; Consciousness; Evolution", International Mother Language Day Art Exhibit, Kathmandu, NEPAL, by invitation of Rafique Sulayman, Curator.

Christine Tarantino, "Flux-USA Gallery of Stars with Lucy Chew Intervention" exhibited in Group Show: Fluxfest Chicago 2012 (Chicago, USA) FROM THE ARCHIVE Mailart and Fluxus from the archives of Fluxus/St. Louis. Opening reception Chicago Art Institute, Joan Flasch Library.

February online art exhibits from 'The Christine Tarantino Collection' features Guido Vermeulen and Gerson Wenglinski this month, both artists from Belgium.

Christine Tarantino, "RED-BERRY Series" published in "Franticham's Fluxus Assembling Box Nr 17", Redfoxpress, IRELAND.

FAX Exhibit, The DeVos Art Museum, Michigan, USA, curated by Ribas; organized by The Drawing Center and ICI, NYC. TARANTINO "I of the EYE-FAX", asemic writing series:

Wooden Postcard Exhibit, Stehekin Post Office, Stehekin, Washington, USA. Christine Tarantino work:

Christine Tarantino, "PhotoBooth" work published in new book, "Photobooth Performances" by Ginny Lloyd.

Christine Tarantino, Mail Art and Video Performance at Galleriea Terre Rare, Bologna, Italy, January 28 - February 8, 2012. Project of Maurizio Follin, Italia.

Christine Tarantino, RED LIPS for Dalai Lama, collage exhibited at Venice Biennial Tibet Pavilion – Palazzo delle Esposizioni Sala Nervi - Torino, project of Ruggero Maggi, Milan, Italy.

Christine Tarantino exhibited at Foundation IK New Year Celebration Exhibit "I WISH", The Netherlands, by invitation of Ko de Jonge.

The Christine Tarantino Collection, newest Christine Tarantino art blog started on January 1, 2012. Showcasing selected works from my 20 year collection of works on paper from artists around the globe.

Christine Tarantino-Hjuler BROTKATZE Collaboration exhibited at GALERIE "Offenes Atelier D.U. Design", Austria, Barbara Rapp, Curator.

Monday, March 23, 2009

BAU, Italia

the Cultural Association BAU
announces the publication of

Produced yearly in a limited edition of 150 copies by the Cultural Association BAU in Viareggio (Italy), BAU Container of Contemporary Culture houses in a serigraphed cardboard box various original contributions size A4 (cm. 21x29,7), signed and numbered, from individual authors and groups. The magazine is a sort of workshop that satisfies the participants’ curiosity for a mutual discovery of the motivations and expressions of their work. The publication picks up the inheritance of the artists’ magazines and of the assembling projects of the Sixties-Eighties ("Assembling", "Tèchne", "Geiger", etc.), with the addition of an original dimension of group work and of shared planning and ideas, that is also expressed through the organization of exhibitions, readings, meetings, festivals and performative events.

BAU 6 contains works from sixty seven local, Italian and international authors. We are particularly pleased by the presence in this sixth issue of the contributions by Richard Kostelanetz and Geoffrey Hendricks, since "Assembling" magazine and Fluxus were two main sources of inspiration at the birth of our project.

BAU is an independent and no profit Cultural Association founded in 2004 by Antonino Bove, Vittore Baroni, Carlo Battisti and other authors active in Viareggio and on the coast of Tuscany. Locally and through national and international collaborations, the project intends to act as a meeting point and aggregation centre, involving the most diverse disciplines. The project has gained a gratifying success, through public presentations in prestigious art spaces (Fondazione C.L. Ragghianti, Lucca; Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena; CAMeC, La Spezia; Centro L. Pecci, Prato, etc.) and through the acquisition of the Container in several international archives, libraries, museums and private collections. In August 2009 BAU will organize in Viareggio the multimedial event and exhibition Sonic BAU, focussed on sound art and audio installations, following the success of the art events organized in 2008 (Luoghi dell'Utopia) and 2007 (Contemporaneo Versiliese).

BAU 6 (2009)
The publication consists of an editorial booklet in colour (16 pages), a poster and 65 original works by 67 authors, in various techniques on paper, thin cardboard, canvas, acetate, pvc, cork, ceramics, foam rubber, etc., plus 2 multimedia discs and 1 audiocassette.
Authors: Adriano Accattino, ALDES / Castello-Moretti, Fernando Andolcetti, Carlo Battisti, Luigi Bianco, Emanuela Biancuzzi, Irma Blank, Sergio Borrini, Luca Brocchini, Gianni Broi, Ugo Carrega, Luciano Caruso, Filippo Ciavoli Cortelli, Cosimo Cimino, Mario Commone, Jakob De Chirico, Adolfina De Stefani, Gabriele Dini, Beatrice Donin, Wolfgang Flatz, Giovanni Fontana, Enzo Forese, Dimitri Fulignati, Emanuele Gabellini, György Galántai, Delio Gennai, Alfredo Gioventù, Katharina Goldyn, Geoffrey Hendricks, I Santini Del Prete e Menadito, Richard Kostelanetz, Peter Küstermann, Alessio Larocchi, Le Forbici di Manitù, Daniele Lombardi, Tania Lorandi, Arrigo Lora Totino, Ruggero Maggi, Marco Marchiani “Mavilla”, Stelio Maria Martini, Giancarlo Micheli, Enzo Miglietta, Giorgio Moio, Angelina M. Moody, Nadia Nava, Riri Negri, Martino Oberto, Jürgen O. Olbrich, Carlo Palli, Giuseppe Pellegrino, Massimiliano Pelletti, Paolo Pergola, Giorgio Poli, Lisa Ponti, Punto Esponenziale, Oronzo Ricci, Alba Savoi, Danilo Sergiampietri, Lorena Sireno, Andrea Sozzi, Fausta Squatriti, Rod Summers, Stefano Turrini, Alberto Vitacchio, Piero Viti.

BAU can be found in the following archives and collections:
Archivio Museo della Stampa, Francesco Pirella, Genova; Archivio Poesia del Novecento, Mantova; Assessorato alla Cultura Regione Toscana; Biblioteca Nazionale, Firenze; Centro Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CAMeC, La Spezia; Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea “L. Pecci”, Prato; Circolo Culturale "Il Gabbiano", La Spezia; Collezione Luigi Bonotto, Vicenza; Collezione Francesco Conz, Verona; Collezione Paolo Della Grazia, Monza; Collezione Giuliano Gori, Fattoria di Celle, Santomato (Pt); Collezione Gianni Landonio, Buguggiate (Va); Collezione Davide Mengoli (London); Collezione Stefano Nastasi, Partanna (Tp); Collezione Carlo Palli, Prato; Collezione Fiorenzo Smalzi, Firenze; Fondazione Berardelli, Brescia; Fondazione “C. L. Ragghianti”, Lucca; Fondazione Sarenco, Cunettone di Salò, Brescia; Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles; Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Vienna; Lavatoio Contumaciale, Roma; MACRO, Roma; Mart, Rovereto; Museion, Bolzano; Museo d’Arte delle Generazioni del ‘900, Cento (Bo); Museo Ideale “Leonardo Da Vinci”, Vinci; PAC, Milano; Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena; The Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, Miami Beach; Collezione Gianni Sassi (Re); Tate Modern Library, London; Tracce “Cahiers d’Art”, Ruvo di Puglia (Ba); etc.

The six issues of BAU (n. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4+5 and 6) are available to collectors, institutions and those interested in supporting the activities of the Association.
Check our website and contact the email to obtain details on how to receive the publication or on how to participate in future issues.

BAU, via A. Pucci 109, 55049 Viareggio (Lu), Italy
phone: (Italy) 0584 963918

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